Green Bean Innuendo



Imagine a society that is completely consumed by the desire for green beans. The people in this place have a continual craving, a hunger for green beans that is out of all proportion.

In this country, if you go to movies, you can expect at least part of the plot to revolve around green beans. Some films will be full of green beans from the opening shot to the closing credits, but all of them will at least have some green bean innuendo.

And the magazines in this place – hundreds of them are devoted entirely to green beans, and nearly all magazines include green beans in every issue. At the grocery store checkout line, they sometimes put a plastic cover over some magazines to hide the explicit beaniness, but you can still see green beans poking out at the top. Even the sports magazines have a green bean issue every year, although that has nothing whatsoever to do with sports.

Advertisers in this land live by the motto that “beans sell,” and they use green beans to market absolutely everything – clothing, shampoo, cars, whatever.

You wouldn’t believe the locker room talk in this place. Guys just sit around and brag about how many beans they’ve had, and where they had them.

If you turn on the radio, you’ll hear songs about green beans. If you flip through the TV, you’ll see green beans everywhere – green beans on bowls, green beans on fancy plates, green beans on paper plates, green beans on forks, even green beans on spoons. Half of the sites on the internet are devoted to green beans, and people have the illusion of secrecy, believing they can indulge their craving for green beans and nobody will ever know.

The seedier entertainment joints in this land have neon signs out front that say “Beans, Beans, Beans!” Folks go in and just look at green beans.

The people in this society are always thinking about green beans; they dream about green beans; they are obsessed with green beans.

You’d have to say that society has problem, right? I mean, green beans are good. They are healthy. You could even say they are a gift from God. But it would be sad to build your whole life on them. It’s a natural hunger that has gotten way out of control.

Now imagine a society with a similar obsession w/ sex – a culture in which sex seems to be the primary theme that bombards its citizens from every direction. You don’t have to use too much imagination, because you live in such a society. Our obsession with sex is out of all proportion.

If we try to live in this culture without getting a heavy dose of God’s help, we’ll never survive. Let’s start with prayer: Ask God to give you his perspective on sexuality, and ask for his strength as you live in a world that strives to make sex your obsession.