Marriage Enrichment Experience at FBCLS – Week 1

We are excited to get to spend the next few Wednesday nights with some couples who are ready to make a big investment in their marriages!

It’s not too late to join us – we meet from 6 to 8pm Wednesday nights at First Baptist Church of Lee’s Summit in room AUD139.

In our first session we focused on understanding God’s perspective on marriage. We looked at the contrast between what the world says about marriage and what the Word says about marriage.

Here’s a homework assignment for you this week: pay attention to the messages about marriage that you see around you. What do the movies, TV shows, songs, and conversations you experience communicate about what marriage is supposed to be? Do these messages about marriage fit with the real truth about marriage that God reveals in the Bible?

Next Wednesday we will talk about some habits we can incorporate into our lives that will nurture our shared faith in God.

We will be praying for you this week, and throughout our time together. May God use this experience to draw you closer to each other and closer to Him!

Grace and peace,
Blake and Gayla


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